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Callus Remover Overview
The Beloved Beauty Callus Remover is an easy to use solution for hard callused feet. This video demonstrates how to setup, clean, and recharge the callus remover in a matter of minutes. Remember to use a light touch for only 3-4 seconds in one place to leave your feet feeling fresh and exfoliated. We recommend cleaning your kit after each use.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Kit Overview
Have your eyes ready for that first look with the Beloved Eyebrow and Lash Kit. Each kit contains an eyelash curler, stainless steel scissors, sharp and angled tweezers, wooden double-sided eyebrow brush and spoolie, and a convenient mirror.

Manicure Kit Overview
Your hands connect you with family, friends, and clients, so keep them in top shape with the Beloved Manicure Kit. Our deluxe and beautiful black bag with lavender piping comes with multiple compartments to hold all of your tools. Remember to use warm water and rubbing alcohol when sanitizing the stainless steel tools, and thoroughly drying with a paper towel.

Pedicure Kit Overview
When in heels at work, or barefoot in the yoga class, your feet are as busy as you. Treat your feet and toes properly with the Beloved Pedicure Kit. After cleansing your feet, use the soft or hard pumice stone on dry skin. Should you want to pamper yourself with a pedicure, use the soft gel insert. Don’t forget to remove excess debris with the nail brush.

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